Family Celebrating Moving Into New Home With Pizza

How to be the (practically) perfect mortgage candidate

When it comes to getting a loan of any description, the key to success is to convince the lender that the risk of lending you their cash is justified by the reward they can reasonably expect to receive in the…

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Woman Putting Coin In Piggy Bank, Indoors

The new help to save initiative

Last September (2018), the government introduced a new “help to save” scheme, aimed at helping those on lower incomes to build up cash savings.  Here is a brief guide to eligibility and how the scheme works. Who can join the…

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sick teddy with injury in bed

Illness can strike anyone, so it helps to be prepared for it

Illness can strike anyone at any time and, depending on how you earn your living and what kind of lifestyle you lead, it doesn’t even have to be particularly serious to be a drag on your finances.  As always, being…

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Are you your Family’s Superhero?

At time of writing, the U.S. federal government was still locked in the longest (partial) shutdown in the country’s history, and most federal employees would not get paid until it is resolved (members of the House of Congress are an exception), nor…

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Business Charts and Graphs on screen with INTEREST RATES Title

Understanding Interest Rates

Interest rates can genuinely be very interesting and it can certainly pay to understand what they are and how they work.  With that in mind, here is a brief guide to what interest rates mean in practice. Interest rates are…

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Young blonde toddler holding piggy bank very happy pointing with hand and finger to the side

Saving For Junior

Sending a child to school for the first time is a significant milestone in many ways and, if truth be told, one of those ways is financial.  Even though childcare costs may still be an issue, especially in the school…

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Conceptual shot of lamp part at the ceiling

The golden rules of home improvement

The most fundamental rule of home improvement is that it should add value to your home in some way, be that by increasing your enjoyment of it or by increasing its financial value (or both).  While everyone will have their…

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The challenges of stepping up

Getting on the housing ladder is all very well, but if you start off your time as a home owner by purchasing a small property then you may well find yourself in a similar situation to first-time buyers if you…

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Solar panel on a red roof

Shining a light on Solar Panels

With climate change a major political issue, politicians of all persuasions are publicly committed to moving away from carbon-based fossil fuels and towards clean energy in general and renewable energy in particular.  As a part of this movement, the UK…

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Young business team at a loss for a solution

How much money do you really need to retire?

General figures about the cost of retirement income can have their uses, but the fact of the matter is that, like many aspects of life, the cost of retirement will depend greatly on your own personal circumstances, needs and wants. …

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