Solar panel on a red roof

Shining a light on Solar Panels

With climate change a major political issue, politicians of all persuasions are publicly committed to moving away from carbon-based fossil fuels and towards clean energy in general and renewable energy in particular.  As a part of this movement, the UK…

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Young business team at a loss for a solution

How much money do you really need to retire?

General figures about the cost of retirement income can have their uses, but the fact of the matter is that, like many aspects of life, the cost of retirement will depend greatly on your own personal circumstances, needs and wants. …

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Young Family Collecting Keys To New Home From Realtor

The first Help to Buy deals are now coming to an end

The Help to Buy scheme was rolled out in April 2013 and recently made headlines (albeit not necessarily front-page ones) by being rolled out to March 2023.  While it may be a matter of debate whether the Help to Buy…

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in love couple smiling towards camera

The practicalities of property ownership

Romance can make the world a brighter place but as any long-term couple will know, in day-to-day life there are a lot of practicalities to consider when it comes to making a relationship work.  One of these is considering how…

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The retirement income conundrum

Assets are nice to have but it’s income which pays the bills, literally.  This reality may pose something of a conundrum for modern retirees who could find themselves in a situation where they have a high net worth on paper,…

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Painter standing with van smiling

When you’re self-employed you need to protect yourself

You might be tempted to think of self-employment as being your own boss.  That’s true, but you are also your own HR department and finance department as well.  Those in formal employment may have access to in-work benefits in the…

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Saving word on rubber stamps place on table with coins and banknotes in money jars, sepia toning

Saving Myths Busted

Let’s say you need to make a purchase.  You have two options.  Option one is that you take out credit to pay for it and option two is that you use your savings.  In the former case, you will need…

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Your seven-point guide to home-contents insurance

Home insurance comes in two basic forms, buildings and contents.  In principle it sounds simple and in practice it isn’t particularly complicated, but there are seven key points you need to take into consideration when buying it. Your policy needs…

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Loving young couple saying goodbye to their home as they prepare to move standing hand in hand surveying the pile of packed boxes

Why property surveys are money well spent

If you like reading about the property market, you may have noticed that, over recent years, there has been something of a trend away from “let the buyer beware” and towards seller disclosure.  In fact, buyers can now take legal…

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The social protection of the family. Kids drawing style.

The importance of ensuring that you are properly insured

Insurance might not be the first topic which comes to mind when you are trying to make light-hearted conversation, but it may well be the first topic which comes to mind when you are dealing with a challenging situation.  It…

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