Couple talking with financial advisor

Are you coming to the end of your deal?

Special introductory deals can be very helpful, but they run out eventually.  Similarly, fixed-rate mortgages also have a finite run-time, after which you are typically switched onto your lender’s standard product.  Remember that when a financial product comes to the…

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at the estate agent's

Getting help to buy

Getting “on the property ladder” is notoriously difficult and moving up it can also be quite a struggle.  (In fact, even downsizing can bring its challenges, especially if you are moving to a more expensive part of the country).  The…

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Summer piggy bank with sunglasses on the beach

Everything you need to know about ISAs (in 2019-2020)

ISA stands for Individual Savings Account and the basic idea behind them has remained largely the same since they were introduced.  Essentially, they’re a tax-efficient way of saving and/or investing.  For adults, there are currently five types of ISAs.  These…

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How a financial professional can help you protect yourself and your family

SWOT analysis is a hugely useful business tool.  The acronym stands for “Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats”.  Strengths and weaknesses are internal to the organisation, while opportunities and threats are external.  In principle, the concept can work just as well…

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Life Insurance Products

The right insurance cover can be there to save you whenever you need it

Insurance cover falls into the category of purchases you’d probably rather not use but still want to have around in case you do actually need them.  It may not be glamorous and it is highly unlikely to be free, but…

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Coins in glass money jar with pension label, financial concept. Vintage wooden background with dramatic light.

Are you making the most of your pension allocation?

The state pension While it may seem odd to start with the state pension, the fact remains that it is a pension scheme into which everyone is, effectively, automatically enrolled assuming that they meet the qualifying criterion (i.e. they pay…

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Senior couple meeting with agent or financial advisor

Why you can put your confidence in a trust

We all have to face up to the fact that at some point in time we are no longer going to have a place on this earth.  By acknowledging this reality, we put ourselves in a position to take steps…

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Soldiers march in formation

Practical financial management for new recruits to the armed services

Starting a new job can be an exciting, not to say nerve-wracking, experience for anyone, especially if it is your very first job (or at least your very first proper adult job).  Joining one of the armed services can be…

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Thinking woman pondering over something

Making the most of your pension allocation

Politicians of all persuasions clearly believe that saving for our old age is a good idea and are particularly keen on encouraging us to save via pensions.  While the cynical might suggest that the main reason politicians are so keen…

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Family Celebrating Moving Into New Home With Pizza

How to be the (practically) perfect mortgage candidate

When it comes to getting a loan of any description, the key to success is to convince the lender that the risk of lending you their cash is justified by the reward they can reasonably expect to receive in the…

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