Critical Illness

Critical Illness cover

Have you ever considered what may happen if an accident or illness prevented you from working? If you were unable to earn a living how would you and your family cope? The answer is that with Critical Illness cover you wouldn’t need to worry about such things because the lump sum the policy pays out can be used to cover your expenses while you recover.
A Critical Illness policy lump sum payout can cover everyday expenses such as household bills, mortgage or loan payments, and more extreme costs such as home alterations and hiring help should your condition require it.
Luckily we live in an age when survival rates from many critical illnesses are increasing, therefore, it’s all the more important to ensure that during and after your illness you and your family can carry on with as much normality as possible.
To find out more about how Critical Illness cover can give you the financial boost and security you need to support your own and your family’s needs should you fall ill, call us today on 01923 352235.