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young man holding electrical cable smoking after electrical accident with dirty burnt face in funny desperate expression calling with mobile phone asking for help in electricity DIY repairs danger concept

DIY Disasters

A quick internet search on the term “DIY” will bring up countless results ranging from making your own gifts, to customising shop-bought products, to traditional home-improvement jobs.  These last are often the source of comedy gold (think of the programme…

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A young woman drinking tea in a cafe

3 Debt Excuses Busted

Debt is sometimes a pretty-much unavoidable fact of life. It would be nice, for example, if we could all afford to buy houses out of cash savings, but for many people mortgages are the only feasible way of owning a…

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Can you agree finances with your partner?

Money cannot buy you love, but disagreements about money can strain even the most loving of relationships. The reality is that if a relationship is to have a long-term future, couples must be prepared to reach agreements about managing their…

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Financial Resolutions You Should Make for 2016

With the new year nearly upon us, here are some resolutions to make for 2016 and to keep for the whole year and beyond. Start by looking after your pennies You know the old saying “Look after your pennies and…

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Don’t Let Your Christmas Debts Hang Around

Christmas comes but once a year. Sadly its financial effects can be felt for a lot longer. Ideally Christmas should be paid for out of a budget you can afford. This could be through savings you make throughout the year….

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