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Women are building wealth not saving it

According to the Global Wealth Report (GWR), women now hold about 40% of the world’s wealth.  In other words, they are tantalisingly close to achieving wealth equality with men.  While this is, of course, cause for celebration, there are two…

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What causes stock-market volatility?

If you look at a long-term graph of any stock market, especially ones in mature markets, then you’ll probably see a long-term upward trend.  Look a little closer, however, and you’ll see that the nice upward line is actually a…

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Investing is like gardening, it takes time

Trading is all about timing the market. Basically, it’s the old adage of “buy low and sell high”, but applied to the stock market. There’s nothing inherently “right” or “wrong” about the strategy, but it does carry a couple of…

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The importance of thinking global about asset allocation

Before the internet went mainstream, it could be extremely difficult for smaller-scale investors to access international markets at all, especially ones at the greatest distance from their country of domicile.  There were numerous practical barriers in the way, such as…

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Everything you need to know about ISAs (in 2019-2020)

ISA stands for Individual Savings Account and the basic idea behind them has remained largely the same since they were introduced.  Essentially, they’re a tax-efficient way of saving and/or investing.  For adults, there are currently five types of ISAs.  These…

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Practical financial management for new recruits to the armed services

Starting a new job can be an exciting, not to say nerve-wracking, experience for anyone, especially if it is your very first job (or at least your very first proper adult job).  Joining one of the armed services can be…

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Saving For Junior

Sending a child to school for the first time is a significant milestone in many ways and, if truth be told, one of those ways is financial.  Even though childcare costs may still be an issue, especially in the school…

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Saving Myths Busted

Let’s say you need to make a purchase.  You have two options.  Option one is that you take out credit to pay for it and option two is that you use your savings.  In the former case, you will need…

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Understanding your options for saving for your child’s future

As the old joke goes – parents keep photos in their wallets because it fills up the space where their cash used to be.  All joking aside, one of the many shocks of new parenthood is discovering that children typically…

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Britain’s Best Lenders – Mum & Dad

The days of 100% mortgages are unlikely to return any time soon.  Quite the opposite, in the current climate, it’s a case of “the bigger the better”, where deposits are concerned.  While it may be the purchaser who hands over…

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