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How can I help?

In these troubled times, I know that so many people are concerned with their mortgage. I am still working with my clients over the phone and now have access to lenders and their contact details. The Bank of England has…

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The financial realities of getting older

Life is full of challenges and possibly the single biggest challenge of longer life expectancy is working out how to finance it.  There are more options than “just” pensions and even if you do go down the pension route (which…

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Help to buy is extended (and limited)

The Help to Buy scheme has been both extended and limited.  It’s been extended because it now runs to 2023.  It’s been limited because it’s now only open to first-time buyers.  Another new twist to the scheme is that the…

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Mortgage prisoners may get early release

The introduction of new “affordability” criteria for mortgages created the, arguably rather farcical, situation of some people being told that they could not remortgage to a cheaper deal because they could not afford it and thereby being forced to continue…

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What will the election mean for your mortgage?

Regardless of how you feel about Brexit, it’s probably good news that one way or another, the issue is likely to be resolved in the near future, so we can all get on with making plans for our future.  Since…

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The importance of getting good mortgage advice

The more important a decision is, the more important it is to get it right.  For the average person, buying a home, even a starter flat, is a huge financial commitment.  This means that although the difference between the right…

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Couple Celebrating Moving Into New Home With Pizza

The path to picking up your keys

When you’re a child, the first time your parents hand you a house key of your own can be a really memorable experience. As an adult, picking up the keys to your first house can be an even more memorable…

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Are you coming to the end of your deal?

Special introductory deals can be very helpful, but they run out eventually.  Similarly, fixed-rate mortgages also have a finite run-time, after which you are typically switched onto your lender’s standard product.  Remember that when a financial product comes to the…

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Getting help to buy

Getting “on the property ladder” is notoriously difficult and moving up it can also be quite a struggle.  (In fact, even downsizing can bring its challenges, especially if you are moving to a more expensive part of the country).  The…

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The challenges of stepping up

Getting on the housing ladder is all very well, but if you start off your time as a home owner by purchasing a small property then you may well find yourself in a similar situation to first-time buyers if you…

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