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Is Poor health Making You Poorer?

Although the UK has both a welfare system and free public health care, illness and injury can impact your finances.  While there’s a limit to what you can do to protect yourself from becoming ill or injured, you can certainly…

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The reality of average risk

Averages can be both interesting and informative, but they can also be misleading.  Firstly, there are three different ways of calculating them (mean, median and mode), which can produce significantly different results.  Secondly, even if “average figures” suggest that there…

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Property Asset insurance

Accidents can (and do) happen

While words like “health and safety” tend to make people’s eyes roll, fundamentally health and safety is basically about taking sensible precautions to keep people safe and it, therefore, applies in the home too.  As an added bonus, it also…

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Death is free but dying can be expensive

These days, funeral music can go way beyond traditional hymns like Abide with Me, but out of all the songs you might want to choose for your funeral, possibly the most appropriate would be the 2015 hit by LunchMoney Lewis…

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You can’t put a price on peace of mind, but you can buy insurance

Everyday frustrations and challenges are a part of life.  Maybe it’s a commute where you never get a seat no matter how tired you are, an annoying colleague or a day just not working out how it was supposed to. …

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How Relevant Life Cover for Your Employees Can Cut Your Tax Bill (and Theirs)

All employers will understand the challenge of attracting and retaining employees without overspending.  The good news is that headline salary, although obviously important, is only one of a range of factors which employees consider when deciding whether or not a…

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How would you cope if you lost everything?

Although the highs and lows of the stock market can make for great entertainment, in reality, being up one minute and down the next can be enough to make the average person feel seasick, if not worse.  Investment tends to…

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Understanding financial products for landlords

These days it’s arguably more important than ever for landlords to do their sums properly in order to be confident that their investments will bring in net returns which justify the risk involved in holding them.  While landlords may, understandably,…

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Protecting your peace of mind

How much value do you place on peace of mind? If you really stop and think about it, you might be surprised by just how much it matters to you. For example, knowing that your loved ones will be protected…

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Life Insurance Products

The right insurance cover can be there to save you whenever you need it

Insurance cover falls into the category of purchases you’d probably rather not use but still want to have around in case you do actually need them.  It may not be glamorous and it is highly unlikely to be free, but…

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