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Sad and scared female Young woman with computer laptop suffering cyberbullying and harassment being online abused by stalker or gossip feeling desperate and humiliated in cyber bullying concept.

Are we taking care of the vulnerable?

Who is vulnerable?  At an individual level, we might all come up with different answers to that question (although there might be a lot of overlap between them).  The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), however, has a very specific definition of…

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Grim reaper on a road

How relevant life policies help to deal with death and taxes

Death is inevitable, taxes can often be managed to some extent.  Using relevant life policies instead of life insurance can be an astute way to help those who are left behind after a bereavement without incurring a hefty tax burden….

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Stock market forecasting and investment predictions with financial icons of a bull and bear made of shinning constellation stars on a night sky in space as a business concept of investing ideas.

How to navigate volatile stock markets

Although previous Prime Minister, Theresa May famously commented on the need for “strong and stable government”, something we most certainly do not have at the time of writing! However, the fact still remains that the UK is currently navigating its way…

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stacks of coins step thai baht with the vintage clock over the L

Learn to love volatility

People who are not used to being on boats may find that the constant up-and-down motion makes them feel seasick.  Those who are used to boats, however, just accept this movement as a fact of life.  In much the same…

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Sound advice for all generations

The more things change, the more they stay the same.  It may be one of the oldest cliches around but, as is so often the case, there’s a lot of truth in it.  In the context of finance, it means…

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Lying businessman holding fingers crossed behind his back

2018 – the year so far

On a personal level, you may be wondering where the year has gone and why Christmas seems to start earlier and earlier (with both Selfridges and Tesco beginning their Christmas promotions in August).  To refresh your memory, here is a…

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Getting Ready To Meet The Grim Reaper

Death is a fact of life, but life goes on for those we leave behind and so being prepared for the reality of your own death can go a long way to easing the making life easier for those who…

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Inflation, Interest Rates & Investment

This week interest rates are on everyone’s mind. There are various ways to measure inflation but the basic idea behind them is much the same, inflation indexes track the changes in a basket of goods and services which is considered…

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2017-2018 change represents the new year 2018, three-dimensional rendering, 3D illustration

Top Financial stories of 2017

As we prepare to bid a (fond) farewell to the year 2017, here’s a quick round up of the year’s main financial news. January While it wasn’t, strictly speaking, financial news, the inauguration of President Trump, was pretty much guaranteed…

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Portrait Of Family With Adult Son At Home

Helping your Children to Fly the Nest

Just as young adults may yearn for their independence, outside the parental home, so parents can be just as eager to speed them on their way, so that they can get on with their own plans for the future. The…

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