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mortgage broker Radlett

The financial realities of getting older

Life is full of challenges and possibly the single biggest challenge of longer life expectancy is working out how to finance it.  There are more options than “just” pensions and even if you do go down the pension route (which…

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Property Asset Finance

Help to buy is extended (and limited)

The Help to Buy scheme has been both extended and limited.  It’s been extended because it now runs to 2023.  It’s been limited because it’s now only open to first-time buyers.  Another new twist to the scheme is that the…

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Winter woman with cup of hot tea

The dangers of walking in a winter wonderland

Tempting as the idea may sound, it may be rather impractical to spend all winter indoors.  In fact, you may have to spend much more of it outdoors than you’d ideally like, especially if you have young children or dogs….

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concept for a positive attitude with small office notes with multiple faces and one that stands out with a smile

The reality of average risk

Averages can be both interesting and informative, but they can also be misleading.  Firstly, there are three different ways of calculating them (mean, median and mode), which can produce significantly different results.  Secondly, even if “average figures” suggest that there…

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