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Inflation and Investments

Inflation is basically another word for price increases.  Its opposite is deflation.  Inflation matters because it influences the cost of goods and services and hence how much income we need to support our lifestyle. Measuring inflation In principle, you can…

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Accidents can (and do) happen

While words like “health and safety” tend to make people’s eyes roll, fundamentally health and safety is basically about taking sensible precautions to keep people safe and it, therefore, applies in the home too.  As an added bonus, it also…

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Perfecting Your Pension

Even though there are plenty of ways you can potentially save for your retirement, saving via a pension scheme remains one of the most common, especially for those in employment, who now have to be automatically enrolled into a pension…

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Mortgage prisoners may get early release

The introduction of new “affordability” criteria for mortgages created the, arguably rather farcical, situation of some people being told that they could not remortgage to a cheaper deal because they could not afford it and thereby being forced to continue…

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What will the election mean for your mortgage?

Regardless of how you feel about Brexit, it’s probably good news that one way or another, the issue is likely to be resolved in the near future, so we can all get on with making plans for our future.  Since…

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