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How a financial professional can help you protect yourself and your family

SWOT analysis is a hugely useful business tool.  The acronym stands for “Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats”.  Strengths and weaknesses are internal to the organisation, while opportunities and threats are external.  In principle, the concept can work just as well…

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Life Insurance Products

The right insurance cover can be there to save you whenever you need it

Insurance cover falls into the category of purchases you’d probably rather not use but still want to have around in case you do actually need them.  It may not be glamorous and it is highly unlikely to be free, but…

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Senior couple meeting with agent or financial advisor

Why you can put your confidence in a trust

We all have to face up to the fact that at some point in time we are no longer going to have a place on this earth.  By acknowledging this reality, we put ourselves in a position to take steps…

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Soldiers march in formation

Practical financial management for new recruits to the armed services

Starting a new job can be an exciting, not to say nerve-wracking, experience for anyone, especially if it is your very first job (or at least your very first proper adult job).  Joining one of the armed services can be…

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