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The social protection of the family. Kids drawing style.

The importance of ensuring that you are properly insured

Insurance might not be the first topic which comes to mind when you are trying to make light-hearted conversation, but it may well be the first topic which comes to mind when you are dealing with a challenging situation.  It…

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Closeup portrait of happy elderly man embracing mature woman.

Put Your Trust in Trusts

Switch on daytime TV and it probably won’t be too long before you run into an advert for some kind of insurance and if it’s life insurance there’s a good chance it will make the point that life insurance gives…

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The insurance agent protection

Business security is about more than just alarm systems

When you think about security for businesses what springs to mind?  Do you think about physical security, cyber security or financial security?  The truth is that all three are component parts of one whole, which means that missing out on…

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Little girl with a piggybank sitting at a table and making a thu

Understanding your options for saving for your child’s future

As the old joke goes – parents keep photos in their wallets because it fills up the space where their cash used to be.  All joking aside, one of the many shocks of new parenthood is discovering that children typically…

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Two old friends enjoying a gossip

The pay gap continues in retirement

The UK media recently had something of a reporting frenzy when companies with more than 250 employees were forced to reveal their pay data split by gender.  Many well-known names revealed that men were paid more than women, in some…

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