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Businessman Inserting Coin In Save Money Concept On Desk

Evaluating auto enrolment contributions

Appreciating the importance of saving for our later years is absolutely nothing new.  A quick look at the literature of centuries gone by easily shows how long people have valued what we would now call retirement savings.  What has changed,…

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Sound advice for all generations

The more things change, the more they stay the same.  It may be one of the oldest cliches around but, as is so often the case, there’s a lot of truth in it.  In the context of finance, it means…

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Senior couple in sports car

Discussing downsizing

In principle, downsizing in retirement, after any children have flown the nest, is often the most financially-sensible option for many people.  As is so often the case in life, however, there can be a very wide gap between financial theory…

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Lying businessman holding fingers crossed behind his back

2018 – the year so far

On a personal level, you may be wondering where the year has gone and why Christmas seems to start earlier and earlier (with both Selfridges and Tesco beginning their Christmas promotions in August).  To refresh your memory, here is a…

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