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The latest on auto enrolment

The Pensions Act 2008 laid the grounds for what we now know as auto enrolment and by this point in time it is essentially a fact of life for employers and employees.  As of the start of this tax year,…

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Ensuring a comfortable retirement for yourself

Some quiz shows allow contestants to “stop the clock” but in real life, time marches onwards relentlessly and therefore preparing for our later years should be high on the average person’s agenda.  Even if, at the present time, you do…

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Choose to be protected

While the UK does have systems in place for protecting those in need, those systems are not necessarily as effective as some people might wish.  Those in paid employment may have an enhanced level of protection via employee benefits, but…

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It Can Happen To You

Insurance, rather like the NHS, is something you pay for so that it’s there if you need it, even though you probably sincerely hope that you don’t.  Nevertheless, every year, indeed, every day, people use the NHS for things they…

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