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Pensioners at lunch in the retirement house

Pension Death Benefits

The importance of saving for retirement has been really driven home over recent years, particularly with the auto-enrolment campaign (“We’re all in”).  Here is a quick look at the four types of pension and what happens to them upon the…

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Why You Can Profit From Good Mortgage Advice

If you pay any attention to adverts, you may have noticed something of a running battle between price-comparison sites urging you to use their services to get the best deal and companies urging you to go directly to them for…

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Inflation, Interest Rates & Investment

This week interest rates are on everyone’s mind. There are various ways to measure inflation but the basic idea behind them is much the same, inflation indexes track the changes in a basket of goods and services which is considered…

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Businessman Brainstorming About Retirement Planning

What Price Retirement?

When it comes to working out how much money you’ll need to pay for something, you need to have at least a reasonable idea of how much it’s going to cost.  This holds as true for retirement as for any…

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