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2017-2018 change represents the new year 2018, three-dimensional rendering, 3D illustration

Top Financial stories of 2017

As we prepare to bid a (fond) farewell to the year 2017, here’s a quick round up of the year’s main financial news. January While it wasn’t, strictly speaking, financial news, the inauguration of President Trump, was pretty much guaranteed…

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Figurines of old age pensioner sitting on bench,beside young woman figurine sitting on coin stack

State Pension – All You Need To Know

If you were born after the 5th of April 1951 (for men) or 1953 (for women), you will receive what is being called the “new state pension” as opposed to the old one.  Any contributions you made under the old…

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Young couple meeting with their investment broker discussing a document with her during the presentation, view over the agents shoulder

Decision Time

Arguably the most significant difference between childhood and adulthood is that as adults, the default assumption in most cases is that we have the ability and the authority to take our own decisions about how we want to live our…

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young man holding electrical cable smoking after electrical accident with dirty burnt face in funny desperate expression calling with mobile phone asking for help in electricity DIY repairs danger concept

DIY Disasters

A quick internet search on the term “DIY” will bring up countless results ranging from making your own gifts, to customising shop-bought products, to traditional home-improvement jobs.  These last are often the source of comedy gold (think of the programme…

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