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Happy cat and dog show paws above white banner. isolated

Why Your Pet Would insure You

Even those who’ve never had a pet and never wanted a pet could probably explain the arguments for having pet insurance, courtesy of the many adverts for the product. Now imagine what would happen if your pet could talk. What…

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The Upfront Cost of Downsizing

With the notable exception of children, smaller is generally cheaper. This is usually very true when it comes to housing (on a like-for-like basis of course, a studio flat in London might well cost more than a house in rural…

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Poor couple with financial problems

Getting Out Of A JAM

The plight of JAMs (those who are just about managing) has been hitting the headlines on a regular basis over recent times. Essentially JAMs are people who are living from one pay-day to the next, perhaps managing to avoid racking…

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Cheerful smiling child at the blackboard. School concept

Making Money Meaningful to Children

Even though children will typically have a lot of influences in their lives as they grow up, their inner circle of family and friend and, in particular, their parents, will usually have the biggest influence of all. Part of a…

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Phone thief stealing a woman

Stop Thieves

These days, there is a lot of advice available about how to keep safe online and data-security breaches at major organisations make new headlines. As Kim Kardashian recently demonstrated, however, breaches of physical security can be both frightening and costly…

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