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How long should I fix my mortgage for?

The mortgage market review led to the introduction of new mortgage rules. In very simple terms these rules obliged lenders to observe stricter mortgage lending practices. Buyers now need to prepared to demonstrate that they are capable of paying back…

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Investing for Future Generations

A quick internet search on the costs of raising a child brings up plenty of results. In real life, however, how much it costs to bring up a child depends largely on your personal situation. How much is housing in…

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Beware of These Optional Extras Costing You Money

In an ideal world, buyers and sellers would work together to reach a deal with which both were happy. In the real world this does sometimes happen. Sadly it also happens that sellers try to take buyers for as much…

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financial safety

Do You Have a Financial Safety Net?

Life happens. It has its ups and realistically it also has its downs. Hopefully, overall, there will be more ups than downs. It is, however, wise to be prepared for the more challenging periods. “Am I protecting my family enough?”…

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